Mistress Elsha Always Gets Her Man.(Loa 2075 challenge.)

The flying sand ground everything down to a mirrored polish in the wasteland known as the great St.Louis desert.
The two men stood gaurd at the arch to the enormous domed city.
“Hey i just got two prisoners to bring into the High Potante, they got quite a price on their heads.”
The bounty hunter flashed the badge and the warrants, then the gaurds nodded their heads.
“These two have been on the run since that benedict BrowncoatBen Thx betrayed the brothers of the order.”
The gaurds pointed towards a gallows in the sandstorm and said,
“They’ll get what Christina got, If John Perkins has anything to say about it.”
The bounty hunter replies,” Stevehobo put up more of a fight than Mighty-Joe, but i got em.”
The Gaurd drew an L.O.A in the sand, and winked at the bounty hunter before saying, “But Mistress Elsha always gets her
A few minutes later shots rang out in the city as the bounty hunter and the prisoners stampeded past the gaurds.
Someone yelled,

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