Waiting for THE Question

“Oh yeah..” Kyle looked as if he were fighting himself.
Maybe he’s got a little voice in his head too?
You can ask him once he asks you out.
I wonder if his bugs him like you bug me.
I bug you?
Well I can’t possibly bug you as much as he’s bugging me right now,
the voice was losing patience fast.
“You’d be surprised,” Janice whispered as she watched the tormented expression on Kyle’s face, “Is something wrong?” She was really worried now. A knot in her stomach made that perfectly clear.
“No its just… um…” he said, still fighting with himself.
Encourage him to say something or we may be here forever.
“You don’t have to be worried. You can ask me anything,” she said trying to finally hear the question that had been driving her crazy.
“I know. I’m just not quite sure how to put it.”
Give me a break! Janice, will you be my girlfriend? How hard is that?! The voice was almost impossible to deal with by now.
“Its ok take your time,” Janice said, gritting her teeth, forcing a smile.

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