Wrong Question

“Well… I wanted to know if maybe…” Yes?!
Some part of Kyle won the battle. “If maybe you thought monkeys could fly if they do this,” Kyle asked and then proceeded to perform the weirdest dance Janice had ever seen.
Her hands jerked towards his throat as the voice momentarily took control.
OH HELL NO !!!! The voice loss all control. The cursing and threats came freely now. Janice wasn’t fairing much better.
“What?!” she asked, pain and disappointment infiltrating her voice.
“Do you think they could fly if they do this,” Kyle asked again with the same exotic dance.
Janice’s eyes opened wide. I am so killing this little son of a bi-
“I don’t know,” sje replied gaining some measure of control, “This was your ever so important question?”
“Yes…” Kyle seemed a little unsure and was that a hint of pain in his eyes?
Janice couldn’t even fake a smile. She just stood there staring at the breaker of her heart.
“Is something wrong?” It was clear that there was something bothering Kyle.

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