English and a Twin

“N-no. Nothings wrong. I just thought the question would be… a bit more important,” she half lied.
“Oh sorry, I just needed your opinion.”
“Well if that’s it I’d better be getting to class.”
“Yeah that’s it. See you later,” Kyle said. His expression still tainted by a bit of pain and worry.
“Yeah,” Janice said as she headed off to class, hardly restraining the tears.
Don’t you dare look back, the voice ordered. Janice couldn’t even bother arguing.

In English, Janice was glad they had an unusual free-write period. “I just need to… um… catch up on some wri- I mean grading,” her teacher Ms. Samuels had told them. The entire class knew she would be off on Ficlets.
Janice spent the class trying to tune out the voice in her head and just write about what she was feeling. She wondered if Kyle knew what he had done to her.
It doesn’t make any sense, she thought. All of his writing was about me. Or was it?
“What’s up?” some one asked.
It was Lucy. Her best friend, who could also be her twin.

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