Rumors Chapter three THe Newspaper

... Maggie read outloud “Nick Jonas is getting married to Beyonce” “Maggies dating Joe and they went skinny diping in a public pool” “Jen read. “Jens pregnat and going out with Kevin’’. Cathy read. “ewwwwwwwwwwwww” everyone said. “WHAT I am goodlooking. “Joe has a drinking problem! What i do not drink!!” He read. “Kevin died in a car crash.” he read. “Cathy is arrested for writng on public walls”
“Omg who are these people?” ?Jen asked. “I don’t know” Maggie said. “Let’s find out.” Cathy insisted. They read the address on top of the newspaper. They were so mad. It was in New York. They went right to the Jonas Borthers private jet. They were in New York City 1 hour later. It was 6 o’clock, and everyone was leaving. They asked a lady when George Harold was. She said he didn’t come in this morning and to come back tomarow. The bought a hotel room.

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