Ah, the oh-so-sensitive Olivia.

We all sat in silence for a very long time. There was no sound but the gentle beeps from the EKG or the short, shallow breaths coming from Aibfinnia. I was so worried about her. I hope she’ll be okay, I thought.

Suddenly, Abbi’s hazel eyes fluttered open.

Rainn just about fell off his chair from excitement. “Abbi! I’m so sorry for what happened! Oh my g…” but he trailed off, his voice becoming thick with tears.

“Rainn. Don’t… don’t cry. I’m… I’m fine, Rainn. Really. It’s okay. Everything’s going to be okay.” Aibfinnia sat up (that sure looked painful) and stroked Rainn’s hair. He was sobbing into her shoulder.

As my eyes too filled up with tears, I saw Olivia shoot me a look that said, “What a wuss.”

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