Never Shall We Die-Prologue One


Do you believe? Do you truly believe? It’s the question that happens in fairytales. When the two are in love but one must say their secret. Do you believe? It’s overused. It’s not used enough. Because in the middle of believe, there is a lie.
“Do you believe?â€? she shouted now at the top of her lounges. “Do you truly believe!â€?She was on the verge of crying.
“No,â€? he whispered. “I don’t believe.â€? He stood there with a seldom expression..
“Because I’m the villain, the bad guy?â€? she asked, but she knew the answer. Her eyebrows sank to the brim of her eyes, showing her sorrowful expression.
“Yes,â€? he whispered again. “You’re the pirate.â€?

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