my answers to a crazazazazazazazy quiz!!

1. Okay, c’mon spit it up worst ficlet you’ve ever written.
the one about the guy lost in the woods. i forget the name it was so bad.

2. This is complicated but pick your favorite number, look on the back of any random CD you have, what song is that number, or closest to it.

3. This is to mix it up a bit. It’s not a question, but close your eyes and type, then leave whatever letters you come up with!

4. What’s your favorite sports team.
don’t have one. sports: ew.

5. The last thing you threw in the trash can.
a granola bar wrapper.

6. If you could be anyone on ficlets, who would you be.
stovohobo! he’s awesome!!

7. Here’s the last question so……tarzan jungle man, swinging from a rubberband, falls off breaks his nose(was it his nose??) Anyhows, what color is his blood? YOU DECIDE !!
bright purple.

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