Never Shall We Die-Prologue Two

And just saying the word was an answer itself. Pirates were crooks, villains, the bad men. They were greedy and dishonest. They betrayed each other and drank too much rum. A pirate song swarm around her brain as she thought of this. Never shall we die.
And then it was back to reality, as she watched Gernard walk away. Because she was about to die. The British were aboard, fighting like mad men, trying to kill them. Taking them hostage and sending ‘em to the gallows.
But suddenly she heard a yelp of pain. It was his voice, as he tried to over-take a drunken pirate. She saw the sword go through him, like a knife cutting a tomato and the blood dripping down. He sank to his knees until he was still forever more.
“Well, “she thought bitterly, “That’s what you get when you don’t believe.â€?

To Be Contuied…

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