Peripheral Evil Part 11(The Seeds of A Conspiracy)

“Rosy it says right here Marco Polo traveled to the
Zoroastrian temple of the Wiseman. In Iran. Is that what you were looking for?”
“Yeah i knew it.”
“So what does that mean?”
“It means there were two.”
“Two what?”
“Two babies, Zoroaster predicted the birth of the sons of God not the son. So there was a twin, there were two with the power of Solomon to control the magpies or as they call them the djinn. You know Zoroaster’s predictions were written on a golden sheep’s hide, then hidden away so that Alexander wouldn’t destroy it. That must be what Jason and the Argonauts were searching for.”
” According to this Golden dawn manuscript sometimes they(the magpies) act on their own. like in the case of lazarus. Maybe this was one of those times and if we can….i don’t know but we might be able to get your sister back.”
“Hey where did you get that necklace.”
“My dad gave it to me after he went to Scotland last year”
“Yeah how did you know?”
Rosalyn held up the same charm.

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