Dont make me laugh

haha dont make me laugh, Id just as soon stab you in the back.

haha dont make me laugh, I love you is 8 letters long but so is bullshit.

haha dont make me laugh, you dont give a shit about mine so why should I care about yours?

haha dont make me laugh, who the fuck do you think you are that _you can fucken judge me like that?

haha dont make make me laugh, wheres yours motherfucker?

Fuck you, you ignorant bitches. You dont know shit and everything would be fucken 10 times better if you fucks hadnt stuck your goddamn noses in my buisness. You and your lies about my dad, about me, about what I fucken believe. Ya you fucked things up pretty good you fucken pricks. Fucken bitches, dont you ever fucken come to my house again or Il fuck you up.Talk about my dad or my aunt again and see what the fuck goes down.Say one fucken word to my little cousins again and Il rip you limb from fucken limb you pricks.

To my family.

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