I place my fingers on the keys and close my eyes. I breathe in the musty air, but to me, it’s the sweetest breath I’ve taken in my entire life.


My fingers begin to flow across the keys, creating music that I can not see. I’m scared to open my eyes, scared to break this trance of complete bliss I’m in.


I begin to play the notes a little quieter, although I’m not sure why, my fingers just do it and I don’t question. My right hand slips up the keyboard to play some higher, and more complicated, notes. Meanwhile my left hand plays some simple notes, balancing out the intricate notes.


My left hand begins to pound on the keys a little harder, staying in the same rhythm. I lean my head back, letting the music wrap itself around me, forcing me to forget everything but that sweet sound.


My eyes shot open and my fingers stopped moving abruptly, my bliss interrupted by my mothers shouts. I got up and left the bench again. I was back to


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