A morning filled with regret (and adventure!)

Kyle waited while Margine relieved herself in the bathroom. He couldn’t help smirking at her first hangover.

She came out of the bathroom grimacing and holding her head. “Too… bright…” she managed to whisper.

“Whoaaaa,” he said, making a face at her alcohol/morning breath. It was not a happy combination. “You, my friend, need to brush your teeth before you get within three feet of me. Go.”

“Fine,” she said, and stumbled into the bathroom to relieve her roommate of her dragonbreath.

Kyle laid back on the bed and nonchalantly looked at the glass of water he had set on the bedside table. There were ripples in it… but he wasn’t touching the table. What was going on?

Suddenly, he heard a huge BOOM ! and the glass from the large window became deadly flying shards and shot through the white lace curtains right in front of Kyle.

“Oh my God!!” he said, and ran into the bathroom. “Margine! Quick, we have to get out now!” He grabbed her hand and ran out of the apartment, still in their pajamas.

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