Time Travel 101

Well actually, i am not the master of time, it has its own rules. That is how i aquired the time machine in the first place. While hiking one day the box appeared right in front of me,and when i opened the door a dusty old skeleton sat in the driver seat, wearing a space suit.
Well after a little experimenting, mostly by accident, i discovered the rules.
Rule one: you can only travel within your own life-span.

Rule two: Whatever point on the time-line you go to you age to, that period’s particular ‘you’ and that times ‘you’ dissappears. I like to call that one the Marty Mcfly factor. That is what happened to the previous occupant, 200 years in the future he was dust.

Rule three: If the time traveler dies the door will become open to the next traveler to enter the machine.

Rule four: Always wear the suit, because some of the places the box sends you, might not be fit for life. Always wear the suit till the computer checks for air and toxins.

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