Another day...

Tommy avoided the first floor toilets as best he could. Yet that’s where the action always seemed to happen – fights, small scale floods, a toilet that exploded like Vesuvius. Just outside the lunch room, near the main entrance, it became a vile hive of various activities throughout the day. The Goths seemed to dominate after the final bell with their sworn enemy, the sporty kids, holding court before classes started. Why or how, Tommy could never figure it out.

Directly above, however, sat the bathroom next to the library. Since a few weeks ago, it became Tommy’s sure bet for a bathroom where you didn’t have to step through puddles of various origin. It was clean, tidy and without anyone lingering about. Maybe the nearby music rooms calmed the masses. Or maybe it had something to do with Tommy’s father. He knew the plant closing had left his old man with little choice of jobs but at least his father had a different last name or “I’d really be dead around hereâ€?, mumbled Tommy.

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