Jonas Part 86: Waffles

After I was showered and ready the next morning, I entered our kitchen to find Kevin, Joe, and Nick sitting at our counter.
Kevin noticed me first.
“Good morning!” he exclaimed, a waffle in one hand.
Joe and Nick turned away from their breakfasts.
“Hey neighbor!” Joe delightedly greeted me.
“Uh, hey,” I replied, “Um, I don’t wanna sound rude, but why are you here?”
“Because we enjoy harassing our friends in the early morning,” Nick sarcastically replied.
Kevin playfully elbowed him in the stomach.
“I’m gonna drive you to school!” Joe happily proclaimed, sounding like a little boy who just got the train set he wanted.
“If we make it to school alive,” Em added, chuckling.
“Shut upp!” Joe whined.
“Gah, I’m juss kiddin! OH! And Aly, guess what!” She said.
“What?” I asked, watching Joe shove a whole waffle in his mouth.

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