Jonas Part 88: Locked Doors

When Em and I got out of the car, it wasn’t a big deal. We go there. We were wearing a uniform.
But when people spotted Joe, Nick, and Kevin behind us, they started freaking out. Some girls screamed. One fainted. And A LOT came running towards us.
“Crap,” Joe whispered, grabbing mine and Em’s arms and yanking us into the Office. Joe rushed us into Mr. B’s office as Kevin held the glass door shut, all while Nick tried to lock it.
Mrs. Spinster, the school’s secretary, rushed to lock the back door as Mr. B came running out of his office to lock the side one.
When we were all safe from the screaming girls, Mr. B herded the JoBros to the broadcast room.
Our school has a TV connection, so they can tape something in the broadcast room and it will show up on the TV in every classroom.
Right before Mr. B locked that door to be extra-safe, he asked Mrs. S to take us to our classrooms.
From the back door, it’s about 10 yards for me, 20 for Em.
It’s a small school.
You travel about as fast as word spreads.

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