Me and the Moon [Sing-Song Challenge]

God, please forgive me, she thought as she pulled the trigger. The bang resounded through the living room. He fell, his lifeless eyes rolled back in his head, and the blood trickled from his mouth.

She heard their baby cry from the other room. Seventeen years and all that he gave was a daughter, she thought as she washed her hands. She fixed the dinner. Soon they’ll be coming to rush me away.

As the sirens surrounded her house and the knocks pounded on the door, she looked out the window and saw the full moon filling up the sky.

The police barged in, grabbed her by the arms, and dragged her out of the house. “It’s me and the moon,” she said, pointing at the sky, “and I’ve got no trouble with that! I am a butterfly, but you wouldn’t let me die!”

Her daughter is now being taken care of by her mother’s sister. The girl is allowed to visit her mother in the mental institution every Tuesday.

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