The ex and the wish-she-was - DG

Sonja was the kind of girl who could draw attention to herself merely by holding her hands up in some weird triangle, outlining her breasts as if she was a witchdoctor of promiscuity.

“Hey SONJA ” I blurted out, feeling the warmth of the alcohol take over my senses. I laughed a hiccup laugh, realizing I suddenly cared very little for whatever the hell anyone here might think of me.

Sonja put her hands down at me and scowled back.

“Sonja, don’t you think that top is just a little TOO revealing.. like the song says Don’t Worry, Be Happy.. you don’t have to show off the goods just to win some attention you know”

Christian’s playing took on an unearthly slowness as he seemed to strain to remember the notes at all. I laughed, louder now, and repressed an urge to shout Free Bird at the comical figure on stage.

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