Part-time Writer, Full-time Theatre Geek [My Fantasy Challenge]

I blew my short black hair out of my eyes as I plopped down on the couch, my laptop at hand just in case any inspiration should come my way. My husband sat down next to me. We snuggled for a moment until it was ruined by me noticing the large clock in front of us.

“Oh, crap. We’re going to be late!” I said as I quickly put on my coat and we grabbed the scripts to the most recent play we were in.

We quickly ran out of the apartment and got into our bright blue BMW . My husband was irritated with the heavy New York traffic, but we eventually made it to Broadway St.

He parked the car and we hurried into the theatre through the backstage entrance. We slipped into our costumes in record time and began our rehearsal.

We performed a super-dramatic, tear-jerking scene and our director (along with the rest of the cast) applauded us with tears in their eyes.

We finished our rehearsal and stopped by the Apple Jack Diner before heading home to play with our two Welsh Corgies, Leonard and Truffles.

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