Your Personal Fantasy (A Challenge) I Took It!

As a young child I dreamed about many things in general. I’ll try to narrow it down, but, here they are! One, becoming a mermaid and swimming with the dolphins. Yeah that’s not possible so I switched over to dreaming about becoming a teacher. Yes, I still hope to have my own classroom and help kids. I’ve always loved doing that (: But I also hope to act someday. I love becoming another person. Yes, maybe I’d like to pursue becoming a singer in my future ,but, I happened to get diagnosed with a bad case of stage fright when I was assigned to sing a solo. Yes, that day was terribly frightening. Writing is yet another one of my passions. I cannot choose between the billion things I can become as I grow older. I’ve been told many times that my true talent is writing, but, I am still trying to discover if that is true. Those are my personal fantasies! To become a teacher for a few years than maybe act a bit. Or be my teacher the actress. Or maybe do those two and write some books. And belt out a few notes, huh???

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