A Perfect Life ((Personal Fantasy Challenge))

“Annie!” I hear through my closed office door.

“Yes? Come in!” I call without looking up from what I was typing.

“Annie, I am so sorry to bother you! I know you are very busy with.. well running this place and all.. but..” The man studders, still in obvious awe while around me.

“Now Dustin! Have you not gotten over the fact that I am the owner of a very succseful Medical facility?” I ask gently of my secretary.

“Oh now Annie.. You know as well as I do that on top of that you are also a world famous author and a brillant Doctor!” Dustin replied stubbornly.

“Yes, yes.. I suppose that is slighty intimidating.. But you’ve been with me since the begining. Any ways, what did you need?” I finally stop working and look at him.

“Surprise Beautiful!” A tall man two years old then myself with brown hair and gorgeous crystal blue eyes, enters the room with flowers. He walks right up to me and kisses my forehead and then my lips. I smile up at him as we pull away. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

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