The New and Ongoing History of Officer Feelgood and the KGB Dance Crew

Officer Feelgood aka the KGBear first emerged on the scene in the early 80s as a solo artist trying to ride off the attention Bigfoot had at the time. He is the third most popular singing bear of the decade, but he really found his stride when he hooked up with the KGB Dance Crew, a group of soviet defects who while spying on America were tempted and enthralled by the music of RUN DMC .

They became famous or perhaps infamous for their patent brand of Glam/Flower/Trip-hop music that eventually led to multiple lawsuits from David Bowie. Their breakthrough single Siegfried Spacepowder and the unpleasant tingling sensation of the Spacepowder was hailed by critics as “unoriginal” and “boring” and some even said “it’s obvious David Bowie is justified in legal action.” Nevertheless the band did achieve major popularity with Richard Nixon and other aging Republicans. It’s rumoured Siegfried Spacepowder was played at Nixon’s funeral.

Recently KGBear has resurfaced publishing a journal the Bear Brigade Watch.

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