How to say. (My Best Friend's Bf pt6)

But she hadn’t.
“Guess what Hailey saw on her way home?” I figured it would be easiest to just fess up. I blurted, “I’m sorry. “Yeh, I’m sorry too! That Jessica could even be such a backstabber! She made out with him!”
“What?!” I was surprised, so sure I would’ve been ratted out. But Hailey didn’t see Jessica making out with him,Hailey saw_me_making out with him. It was an easy mistake, I mean, we looked alike from a far distance.
I knew what Hailey had seen wasn’t what she thought, and that she had really seen me. But I couldn’t tell Lea that, but what if Lea confronted Jessica about it, and it wasn’t true! This was a big decision..

But I decided to do what came to my mind first….

“Jude?..Jude??” Lea was calling my name. “You there?”

“Hah, yeah,uh..of course..”

“Good, that tramp is online. Oh and look at her away message: ‘Out all night comin home thnx ily hit me up later kinda busy’ Oh I’m sure she’s busy.”
She was about AIM her. What could I do, more importantly, what would I do?

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