Mistress Elsha the sexy assassin.

They sat around the fire in silence as Mighty oiled his mechanical limbs.
Stovohobo finally shook his head and walked off in the distance.
The still ravashingly beautiful bounty hunter, followed him.
“Look he didn’t want to do it he loved john.”
“Elsha he shot him in the face.”
“Did you see what John did to Cristina and Pyro, You were next.”
“Maybe we deserve to die, i mean we rose up against our own brothers.”
“Brothers? You don’t remember when Mighty had a petition to pressure Perkins into the league. You don’t remember him saying that the only thing he ever did in his life that was pure was to make John feel awesome, because of the two hundred comments. He had to do it John was out of control.”
” THX left J.P in charge who are we to go against The king.”
“Look you know Dr Tim lived the last few years like a rock star, his brain was riddled with syphilis and god knows what else, mighty had to do it, and i hate to, but i am going to have to kill Sarah Conrad.”

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