Anna Cristina's New Pic The Poem.

Have you ever seen someone almost everyday
And they are gentile and proper in the scholarly way

Then crow is served up as a very true dish
When her hair becomes sexy and almost Jewish.

Did she transform did she morph in some sexy new way
Or did she bewitch my Jew eyes to not look away

If i scoffed at her new pic you could cry perjury
She’s baby from Dirt dancing before the surgery.

I dont need to tell you about that movie’s sin
I was a boy in fourth grade when hormones kicked in.

I have a stitched laceration in the center of my head.
Because i called my wife Anna last night in our bed

I ran around the bedroom in tumultous pain
Damn that curly hair, my wife knocked out my brain.

This new pic situation is getting out of hand
Please make it less sexy its more than i can stand.

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