The Sexy Mistress Elsha Claims a Gorf.

A rider rode into the camp and faced two gun barrels.
“I am just a messenger please don’t shoot, the boss wants to meet stovohobo at the salt flats at day break to settle this feud.”
“Is that all?” Mighty Joe asked.
“Yes sir.”
“Damnit man you were a writer, what is wrong with you.”
“Take a chill pill stovo i am still a writer, but this is a war. If we don’t treat it like one there won’t be anyone allowed to write.”
“I can’t beat kermitgorf can i?”
“No, because you aren’t ready to die.”

Rang in the distance.
“It doesn’t matter anyway because That sexy bitch just shot Kermit Dead as Netzero. I’d bet my foreskin on it?”
“Aren’t you a jew?”
“You have just been granted a reprive and you still bug me with details.”

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