In the Eye of the Beholder

Olivia was still unsure of herself as she perched in the corner of the room, trying to be as unobtrusive as possible. She had been trying to get into this party for about four months and now that she was here she was suddenly aware of the gulf between fantasy and reality. She checked that the green armband was visible, announcing to anyone who looked that she was present as a voyeur, only to be invited to join in by being asked specifically to watch; never to be touched. She also felt in her pocket for the red one she had been given in case she changed her mind.

Just to her right there was a staggeringly beautiful woman perched on the edge of a table, naked, with her feet on the shoulders of the woman who was eating her out, still fully dressed and dressed as a man. Olivia watched, mesmerised by the woman’s beautiful breasts as they rose and fell irregularly with her gasping breaths as she approached orgasm, her head thrown back and her long raven black hair sweeping back and forth on the polished table top.

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