The Wonderful World (Or Should I say Website) of Ficlets CHALLENGE!!!!

Okay, this is just a totally random challenge for no special reason! I’m heading towards the four hundred ficlets mark, though. Nothing special. So this calls for a challenge?

Okay, so everyone probably started off in the wonderful world of ficlets as someone not sure what to expect. Not sure what kind of people they’ll meet, what kind of stories they’ll end up writing, what kind of stories they’ll read, and if anyone will even like any of their work. And I’m sure a lot of us will admit that, our first ficlet wasn’t too good. I’ll admit it. It was one of the worst ficlets I’ve ever written. Anyway, back to the subject.

In this challenge I want you to write about what you thought when you first started off on this wonderful website known as ficlets. Not many people enter my challenges, but, this time I hope for some entries!

Tell me what you thought of the website, what was your first idea of what to write about, and how you felt about expressing yourself. Nervous? Confused? Overjoyed?

Can’t wait to read!

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