summer night thriller

It was a warm night. Kay couldn’t get to sleep.Could it be the raspy voice calling her name in the field?She didn’t know but with her curious little mind she went to it.She had to follow the voice,even though it sounded very creepy.She was way to tired to stand so she sat on the freezing grass.Above her the sky usually so filled with stars was black,no stars and no moon.And isn’t that just abnormal? It was dark.It was cold.It was just plain creepy.It’s dark and depressing.Why am I here?It’s so unusual.I need to get out of here!She thought but could not move.Now she’s starting to shudder. Another raspy cry of her name. Something misty formed at her feet,felt it wrap around her bare ankles.Fog.Why is there fog!?When the fog gathered around her feet the low howl formed. The raspy voice cutting through the air,the shudders,the pitch black night,is bringing fear to her.The cold bore down,down past the flesh,past the bone,through the bloodstream into her heart and soul.Hell,she thought,would feel like this.

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