Spare me the Agony of Love

Me: Okay.
Him: Okay.
Me: Fine.
Him: Fine.
Me: I hate you.
Him: I hate you too.
Me: I hate you more.
Him: That’s pretty impossible.
Me: What?
Him: I’m just thinking about how this is ALL YOUR FAULT !
Me: MY fault?
Him:Well it’s not MY fault!
Me: You’re despicable!
Him: I’M desipicable?
Me: Yeah.I can’t believe I ever fell in love with you!
Him: I can’t believe I fell in love with YOU ! You are a no good, good-for-nothing loser freak girl with a dream that is so far away, you’d have to take a lightning ship to Mars to get halfway there!
Me: Uh! Well, you are the biggest slimeball jerk butthead meanie-face I’ve ever met!
Him:0o0 Is that the best you’ve got?Meanie-face?
Me:(glaring at him)
Him:(glaring at me)
Me:(still glaring)
Him:(um, yeah, if I’m still glaring, then he’s still glaring)
Me:I can’t believe this.
Him: What?
Me: What happened? We were so in love and then…
Him: Please spare me. We both knew this wasn’t gonna work out from the beginning.

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