Dr Who Is cuckolded By Neil Diamond.

“Wait a second just because he made Lisa come out of that box doesn’t mean its time travel.” Frank yelped.
“I knew you’d say that so i went back and got your Neil Diamond records signed.”
Now i know what you are thinking, and you are right. How could i have been that stupid. I’ll tell you: i assumed Neil diamond was gay. The stupid ‘ass out of you and me’ saying, was dead on.
Yeah i took Lisa to see Neil Diamond perform, and yes i sat outside his Ford Galaxy waiting for him to finish delivering three hours worth of Vegas superstar meat to the girl i wanted to sleep with. I didn’t peak or anything, but did he study the Kama Sutra? We got back to the time machine and she could barely walk. For the record i am going to take a crowbar and beat any fool who ever calls Neil Diamond a fag. He was like John Holmes in Sequins.
I tell you what, father time is a cock-blocker.

Skyler turned to me and asked, “Why is Lisa walking like a gunfighter?”

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