Outsourcing [Wonderball Continues]

“Thank you so much, Mr. Governor, for this wonderful body,”

Sol-leks chuckled, as if daring the world to call him evil. He stretched out his new hand, admiring the Valentino suit.

So much for taking pro-active actions against outsourcing.

“What did you think of my amazing speech outside the city hall, Sandra? Wasn’t it brilliant?”

Sol-leks flashed a sarcastic smile in her direction.

“Naturally.” She rolled her eyes at his small jokes.

“Now that we’ve acquired our new positions in human society, my darling, I suggest we go and find the others, hm?”

Sandra picked up her small red handbag, and linked her arm in his.

“Of course, my dear husband.”

“Then off we go!”

Mr. and Mrs. Governor of Colorado waltzed out the door, arm in arm.

Ready to conquer the world.

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