.375 - Breaking the Bad News

Cooper’s cell rang just as he turned the ignition.


“Alden.” he said into the mouthpiece, dropping the Crown Vic into gear.

“Hey. You on your way home?” Came Emma’s voice from the other side.

“Hey hon. I got something I gotta take care of first.” he replied. “Sorry. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

She sighed. “But.” pause, “OK. We’ll be waiting for you. Call me when you can. Love you.”

“You too.” he said, ending the call. He dialed another number.

“Hey Coop.” Kent answered. “Sup?”

Cooper heard the smacking of Kent’s mouth on the other end. Eating. “I need you to meet me at Albert and Market.” He heard Kent light a cigarette. “I’m on my way there.”

“The serial?”

“Dunno. Got a call from a kid.”

“20 minutes, Coop.” The line went dead.

Cooper was sitting at a stop light downtown. Across the intersection, he noticed a white Accord turning left. A lot like Emma’s.

It reminded him of the cold dinner and colder shoulder he’d be getting tonight.

The clock on his dash read 7:18.

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