Teenage Word/Phrase Dictionary

Sick- Meaning cool, amazing, or unbelievable
EX: He has some sick guitar skills!

Dude- What teenagers address everyone as. You can be a guy or girl of any age, and still be considered a dude.
EX: Dude, what’s up?

Brother From Another Mother- Often spelled as “Brothah from anothah mothah” and meaning a very close male friend, that you consider to be a brother.
EX: Jake is my brothah from anothah mothah.

OMG - Abbreviation for “Oh my god”. Usually said at times of excitement or anger.
EX: OMG that guy is so hott!
EX: OMG I cannot believe my best friend lied to me!

Sweet- Meaning good, or great.
EX: You can come to the mall with me? Sweet!

Grody- Meaning gross.
EX: Look how sweaty she is, that’s grody.

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