The Healer Part II

The glowing light receded almost as instantly as it had come. The girl stood there in complete shock, her mouth still dropped open in a screaming stance. A second flew by and the body of her love below twitched. Another second later, his eyes blinked open, the dried up blood on his bare chest gone.

He rose up, propping himself on his elbows, looking around the room in wonder. Tyr stepped backward, closing her mouth and turning to run. But Khyl (pronounced Kyle) stopped her, his large hand reaching out to feel her touch as though for the first time. Tyr turned her head, walked back to Khyl, and wrapped her arms around him, sobbing uncontrollably.

A nurse outside heard the sobbing sounds, walking into the room curiously. Her lipstick covered mouth opened and screamed, her voice echoing in the hospital. One of the doctors came running down the brightly lit hallway, his white coat billowing behind him, barging into the room.

He instantly fainted, toppling to the floor in a painful heap.

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