The Awesomest Summer Ever Part 2

“Mom whos that cute boy?” i asked
“Oh thats Gregory, remember?” she said
“Wow he’s changed,”. When we got out of the car Ryan was the first to get there. He was the kid who was waving like crazy. Gregory was the second and I was shocked he wasn’t cute he was amazingly CUTE . No he was super cute! He came up to me and said hi. I was so shy. He was just so cute I couldn’t think of any words to speak!
“Hey,” said Greg. I thought I was going to die. I had a best friend named Jess wayyyy back then. She was boy crazy and she always told me that whenever she was around her crush, she would get all nervous. I always thought she was crazy, I was totally fine around boys. Until then, I felt like I was going to pass out right there.
“Massey, are you okay?” asked Greg. I focused and tried to answer.
“H-hey…..Greg….w-what’s up? L-Long time…n-no see!”
“Yeah, totally,”. He starred at me for a minute and then walked away. Now I knew how Jess felt around her crushes. I needed some advice so, I called her….

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