Just like your father

“Kill me. Kill me now.” I said it casually, arms outstretched he turned around, dagger in hand, and started walking. I started to yell.

“Walk away. You’re just like your father. A coward. Can’t have blood on your hands!” I teased. I wanted him to run back and try to slap me. But all he did was turn around, death in his eyes.

“Don’t… you… ever… talk… about.. my… father…” he said between long, shaky breaths. “I will never be like him. You know it.”

“All I know is that you’re a coward in denial… just… like… your… FATHER .” That set him off. He was charging at me like a wild rhino. An ANGRY wild rhino. I sidestepped him, letting him run into a tree.

“Hey, maybe forests aren’t so bad after all!” I laughed for a split second. I let my guard down. A split second is all it takes. Next thing I know, he had me pinned, dagger to my throat.

“Take… it… back…” he said through clenched teeth.

“Never,” I replied, a grin on my face. I knew he wouldn’t do it. He took it off me.

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