Ficlets - The Black Hole of Creativity [Wonderful World of Ficlets Challenge]

I managed to escape the black hole of Ficletdom the first time I went to the homepage.

But I was very weakened and fell to it’s extreme force the second time around.

My good friend, distant memories, tried to get me to read some of her stories, and I confess I was in a hurry, and I hadn’t made it past the homepage…

But then my friends kept talking about a series they were writing together, and my curiosity to see this wonder of the great wide Internet grew, and I created my profile, and set about creating my doom.

The black hole of Ficlets doesn’t let go easily.

At first, I was scared to enter into this big world of strangers, afraid to try to make a place for myself here.

But this fear quickly went away, and I found myself instinctively entering as soon as Firefox was up.

Here at Ficlets, I feel at home now! This is my source of comfort and happiness on a bad day.

So I guess the only thing left to say is thank God for Ficlets, the black hole of creativity!

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