The Fun Way To Hell

“Hahaha! A granny on the sidewalk!”

I swerved right and felt the car bump up as I knocked over the lamppost, an eldery lady with a walker, a jogging couple, and a dog on the corner.

“Hahahaha! Move, stupid car!”

I back-ended the taxi cab in front of me, and swerved around it, horns blazing.

“Whoo!” I yelled, and rammed myself back onto the sidewalk, as people crashed around me, falling on their faces.

But their screams just made me want to kill them more.

“What a way to go, huh?” I told myself. “Might as well have some fun on the way to Hell!”

Hot dog stand! I jerked at the unforgiving wheel, and my car spun around the corner, leaving a mess of flying hot dogs, screams, and broken legs.


“Shit!” I yelled, and ran right into a blockade of policecars.

GAME OVER flashed on the screen.

“Hey, Luke, ya got any more quarters?”

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