why deaf leapord pisses me off

The first reason deaf leopard pisses me off is their name, I don’t know who exactly should be more offended by the “kewl” spelling , the hearing impaired or the large African spotted carnivorous felines.Number two on my list of grievances is the lead singers heinous bowl mullet.This is deadliest species known and this guy isn’t from Alabama or nothin.His hair’s all(moe from the 3 stooges) business in the front and (odd u.k.headbanger) party in the back. He’s been sporting that atrocity for upwards of thirty years and i for one am protesting.
Thirdly ” pour some sugar on me ” o.k. , it’s not awful until you listen to it.Have you ever actually like, spilled some sugar on you in the course of your day .It’s horrible sticky sand-not sexy!
Lastly , the shoddy way they treat their employees is the biggest issue I have with them. Their drummer lost an arm years ago, and apparently they have no workman’s comp cuz he’s STILL drumming.If anyone out their is a lawyer,this guy has a case.Get him some ssi or something…

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