Well, Maybe You Are...

I was shaking my head now, still not believing what I was seeing.

“You so aren’t God, how old are you?” I said frantically.

“Thirteen.” Tom answered.

“And you’re an-” I said to Nikki, but she cut me off.

“Yeah, I’m an angel.” She said, then turned to Tom. “Can I go now?”

He shook his head. “I just invited your Shadow.”

Nikki’s eyes flickered with a sudden light, then shrugged.

“What’s up, everyone?” A tall, short-haired guy with brownish wings stepped into the room out of nowhere.

”’Sup.” Tom said, nodding quickly to Shadow, who was soon glued to Nikki by the lips.

“So you really are-” I started.

“Yup.” Tom said.

“And they are real-”


“So can you answer a few of my-”

“Sure thing, bud.” He answered with a quick grin.

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