The Voice of Reason

The chairs were red. That was the verry first thibg I noticed when I walked into the bright yellow room. The therapist sat behind a desk, facing me with a pen in hand and a notepad under her elbow.
“Good moring Luna,” she said, now resting her chin on her palm. I nodded.
“So now that we’re alone, would you like me to tell me about yourslef? Like why you are here, perhaps.” she asked.
“But we aren’t alone,” I began. “That just the oriblem. I hear people…” I trailed off. “But why can’t I see you!” I shouted in frusteration.
“Oh dear,” the therapist said. “I’m guessing you hear voices?” she asked, but she said it with such mockery that I felt myself turn towards the door.
“Hold it right there!” she shouted at me. But it was too late, I had to get out of here befire she sent me to the looney bin. “Luna come back here!” she shouted again.
I ran. I had always beena good runner, I had ran track before I bacame homeschooled.
The therapist was chasing me now, I only hoped she wouldn’t catch me.

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