Pie Contest ((I Smell a Winner Challenge))

I walked out of my kitchen with a smile on my face. I was finally going to be able to fulfill a liffe long dream.. To be in a pie baking contest!

My family pilled into the car chatting about my pie and we drove up to where the contest was being held. The closer we got, the more nervous I became.

We finally got there and I went and took my place. I glued a smile on my face to hide my jittering insides and the judging began. It started with everyone alloud to just walk around. Two judges passed by me and stopped. I couldn’t tell if they were looking at mine or my neighbor’s but I kept my smile.

“Smells like a winner, that one there.” I heard one whisper to his partner. This made me really nervous.. They had to e talking about mine right? I mean my neighbor’s smells like dead, decaying rat!

“And the winner is..” I heard about an hour later. Everything became deathly still as the announcer opened his envelope. ”.. Mrs. May Bell in first!

Every one clapped and I was stunned. I actually won?!

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