Peripheral Evil Part 21 (The History Of The Grail Keeper)

The professor was hunched over in a corner of the debriefing room clutching the makeshift barf bag, when the High Potentate entered the room.
“Does he got it now?”
“Sir, he is having the Kennedy Symptoms.”
“Jack puked 3 days we finally had to kill him and replace him with a double, good thing Johnson was in the order.”
“Ok go on.”
The threat of cranial ventilation sobered up the conspiracy theorist.
“Ok so Lucy Climbs into the Olduvai crater and then is host to this alien.”
“Soul! Idiot.”
“That is what i meant, then she becomes sentient and homoerectus evolves, but the soul becomes diluted, so every few thousand years one comes here and yall protect it?”
“Migration, and they are pure bloods.”
“But instead of doing like the Tibetans do with their..Pureblood and find it when it dies(Dahli Lahma), ya’ll found a way to breed them.”
“Yes with the help of the witches.”
“And why do you need me.”
“Because we have lost our pure bloods and 3 bad-ass witches.”

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