Poorer Work Ethic

And so he sat, day after day, glued to the screen pretending to work but really just stalking the Ficlets site waiting for the next instalment in the tragic but riveting tale of Jason, the unethical cubicle zombie.

He could not understand or explain this singular obsession, this dreadful compulsion that made him hunger to know everything about Jason’s past and future. It was as if Jason was real and alive (well, existing) in an office not too far away, probably in a cubicle not unlike his own, with colleagues and a boss not unlike his own, and quietly suffering, suffering for years… not unlike himself.

All the buzz and activity in the office had long faded into obscurity, as Jason loomed ever larger. Once, he thought he heard a whispered conversation between Jason’s unkind tormentors, Susan and Joseph, plotting their next move. Were they in the next cubicle, or was the line blurring between reality and fiction?

Ah… a new revelation. CLICK . But who is this Wallace? Why did the name chill his heart so?

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