Teenage Word Dictionary, continued

Emo- A type of music, dress or person who is chronically depressed. This term is usually used loosely.
Ex: He’s so emo, all he does is listen to his music and ignore everyone…

Insane- Usually describing an event or happening that is considered awesome or amazing.
Ex: Yea, Friday night at James’ house was insane!

Gay- Usually a synonym for stupid, random, or unfair in teen conversation.
Ex: You have homework tonight? Aww that’s gay dude…

Epic- Describing something truly amazing.
Ex: That ficlet written by Bartimaeus was epic.

Bitch- A girl known for mischeivous/low doings around school or where ever. (Can be interchanged with ‘Slut’)
Ex: I heard she dumped him for another guy, what a bitch!!!

Bob Saget- Used in place of curse words, though this isn’t too far off from one.
Ex: Bob Saget!!! I dropped my coke!

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