Teenage Word/Phrase Dictionary (cont.) x2

You Killed It- Used when someone ruins a joke or a moment
EXP – James hugged Jenny. “I’m sorry.â€? He said. Vanessa burst into the room. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you!â€? “Dude, You killed it.â€? Jenny said.

You Kilt It – Meaning someone did an awesome job on something (Not to be confused with “You Killed Itâ€?)
EXP – After James won the skateboard competition Vanessa said. “Dude, you kilt it!â€?

You’re Done – Used to stop someone from continuing a bad story or an action
EXP – “And then she said-â€? “No, You’re Done.â€? She stopped him.
EXP – James was doing the chicken dance. “Check out my moves!â€? “James, stop it. You’re Done.â€? Samantha shook her head.

Never Again – Similar to “You’re done.â€? Used when something happens that should never happen again.
EXP – Samantha attempted the Soulja Boy. “Never again.â€? James said.

Fail – Used when someone does something and fails miserably
EXP – Stephanie tripped over her shoelaces and then fell down the stairs. “Fail.â€? Vanessa said.

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