Control Issues

I could feel Anna reaching out to me, but I shut her out. I lay down on the bed and closed my eyes. After awhile I heard a knock at the door.
I sighed. “Come in.â€?
Dailey entered the room, a concerned look on his face. “James, are you alright?â€?
I felt the anger flare up again and turned over on the bed to face the wall. “No. â€?
I could feel him standing over the bed. “James…â€?
I sighed again. “What do you want?â€?
“I know how you feel.â€?
“Out of every cliché in the book, you just had to go and pick that one.â€?
“No, really.â€? Dailey protested. “I couldn’t control my powers either.â€?
I turned over and raised an eyebrow skeptically.
“Oh really? And how does that help me?â€? I was being difficult and I knew it but I wasn’t exactly a happy person.
Dailey had an odd expression on his face. “I’m not sure.â€?
“What are you doing in here?â€?
“Get out.â€?
Dailey’s swept out of the room without another word.
I felt as if I was completely alone then. I just buried my head in my pillow and cried.

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