Peripheral Evil Part 22 (His Name is Natty Bumppo)

Moshi Hidenbach had spent his entire life crying conspiracy; everything from the fake moon landing to the Hershey company writing their name on the bar to save chocolate. He sat in the records hall of the Order, and realized that just seeing this made him now part of the evil empire. Was it so bad?
The thing that makes us mad, is the we arent part of the conspiracy.Plus he loved conspiracies more than anyone. He jumped and ran into the next room.
“Sir, i have some question?
What actually are the magpies?
What about these djinn whose side are they on?
What are they made of?
Do the magpies have mass?”
“1st, The magpies weigh 21 Grams.”

Back at the Mason lodge:
The Witches push open the Huge doors of the Temple to breathe fresh air. Kara drug sully effortlessly by the end of his red hoody.
As the men ran to hear the news kara spoke.
“She crossed over.”
“He did it?”
“Yeah, Sully used a djinn.”
“A big one, Archangel class
Sully’s little sister said, “His name(djinn) is Natty Bumppo”

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